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Written by Wayne Dosick. Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

Editor's Note: If you're not comfortable with "religious" terms or if the name "God" doesn't match up with your beliefs, you can use the word Love instead of the word God. 

Most human beings want the same thing. Food. Shelter. Clothing. Good health. A sense of purpose. Education. Productive work. Prosperity. Friendship. Love. Happiness. For some, children and grandchildren. Inner peace. A meaningful existence. A life of decency and dignity. A worthy legacy.

If we want all these things for ourselves, then how much more do we want them for our children and our children’s children and generations yet unborn.

And most of us think that this is what God wants for us too.

We are saddened when we see people who think that accumulation of wealth and communal standing, and establishing influence and power, will bring satisfaction through prominence and prestige—even if it takes cutthroat business practices, ruthless competition, and unfettered greed.

And in so many ways we see the world diminished when we witness that the greatest motivation of big business and multinational corporations (with some notable and praiseworthy exceptions) is making huge profits, accumulating wealth, and gaining territorial and political power and prestige.

Add to this the shadow-secrets that exist when there are so many actions hidden from public view by the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world who use their fortunes to manipulate and attempt to control the world for their own purposes.

There is nothing wrong with striving for monetary gain. It is in many ways a measure of success. It provides for the necessities and perhaps some of the luxuries of life. And happily, good and well-meaning people often use their wealth to promote and support worthy causes.

Yet, all too often, self-serving people and entities darken the world’s pursuit of Oneness and fragment the journey toward love....

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Narrated by Marie T. Russell,

Music By Caffeine Creek Band, Pixabay

About the Author

photo of RABBI WAYNE DOSICK, Ph.D., D.D.RABBI WAYNE DOSICK, Ph.D., D.D., is an educator, writer, and spiritual guide who teaches and counsels about faith, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness. Well-known for his quality scholarship and sacred spirit, he is the rabbi of The Elijah Minyan, a retired visiting professor at the University of San Diego, and the host of the monthly Internet radio program, SpiritTalk Live! heard on He is the award-winning author of nine critically acclaimed books, including the now-classic Living JudaismGolden RulesThe Business BibleWhen Life Hurts20 Minute KabbalahSoul JudaismThe Best is Yet To BeEmpowering Your Indigo Child, and, most recently, The Real Name of God: Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine.

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