How To Get from Cheesy Relationships to a Gourmet Banquet (Video)

Narrated by Marie T. Russell. Image by freestocks-photos

In the early 1900’s a European man named Frederic had a dream to travel to the United States. At that time, air travel had not been developed, so he booked passage on an ocean liner. Such a trip required all of his savings, but it was worth it.

Considering that he could not afford the luxury meals the ship offered, Frederic brought with him a supply of cheese and crackers. While the other guests sat in the ornate dining room enjoying lavish multi-course meals, Frederic sat on a bench on the deck, rationing out his simple meals for the duration of the cruise.

One day another passenger passed Frederic eating his Spartan meal. “Why are you sitting out here eaten cheese and crackers?” the fellow asked.

“I can’t afford the dining room meals,” Frederic answered.

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The passenger laughed. “Don’t you know that ...

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