Daily Inspiration: March 1, 2021

Marie T. Russell's Daily Inspiration

The focus for today is:  I choose to take an active part in my healing process.

I'd like to share with you something from the book: White Buffalo and the Rainbow Warrior

Sometimes our conscious intention is overshadowed by our unconscious desires. Because I believe that we do create a large part of our personal realties, I decided to take an active part in my healing process.

To be sure that all parts of me wanted to proceed with ending my suffering, I closed my eyes, took a few long, slow deep breaths, and asked my own subconscious, "What might be the benefits of hanging on to this pain?"

The answers that come from the various aspects of self may seem very illogical, or just really silly! It's important to let all of your emotional thoughts and beliefs be expressed. The whole point is that if you don't know what's inside of you, how can you work with yourself to create your dreams? If part of you is holding you back, communicate with it and offer alternatives and solutions that appeal to all of those little, but important aspects of your Self.

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Excerpted from the InnerSelf.com article:

How To Heal A Broken Heart With A 7-Step Heartbreak Recovery Program
Written by Elisha Gabriell

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Weekly Magazine Daily Inspiration

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