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Written by Tjitze de Jong.  Narrated by Marie T. Russell. 

The emotional charge of fear is a huge one. It is the emotion I come across more than any other in my work with cancer clients.

The first instinctive physical reaction to fear is for people to hold their breath. The first energetic reaction is a reduction in the charge of the first chakra, because of experiencing a physical threat. Simultaneously the entire aura contracts and becomes denser. Both result in a sudden reduction of energetic flow and circulation.

When sitting opposite a client during our chat prior to an actual healing, I notice these physical and energetic reactions time and time again. Most of the time, I make clients aware of my observations, not in order to tell them off or humiliate them but in order for the clients themselves to gain more self-awareness.

Also, fear creates the tendency in people to try and escape from reality, to try and escape from the here-and-now. As soon as the first flicker of a wish to escape crosses our mind, without realizing, the first chakra instantly reduces its connection to the here-and-now, to planet Earth. We “pull up the drawbridge”, the root chakra, which governs kidneys and adrenal glands. That is why these organs are associated with and affected by fear. Long-term exposure to fearful situations may be detrimental to the functioning of those organs.

Adrenal fatigue, for example, is nothing but a physicalized fearful state of being. It often relates to an indirect fear, one that doesn’t necessarily threaten the person’s life directly but is more an underlying fear arising from abuse, violence, poverty, abandonment, and other factors that lasts years or decades. It is based upon previous experiences and is subconsciously tucked away somewhere in the body for it to fester.

Besides absorbing the vital life energy of these areas of the body and organs, the root chakra is responsible for keeping an individual’s overall immune system in good health.

The Implications...

It’s important to realize the implications. If a person lives in a prolonged state of fear and wishes to be elsewhere, his overall capacity to live is reduced, possibly to the point of annihilation. Interesting or what?...

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Music By Caffeine Creek Band, Pixabay

Narrated by Marie T. Russell,

About the Author

photo of Tjitze de JongTjitze de Jong is a teacher, complementary therapist, and energy healer (Brennan Healing Science) specializing in cancer, with more than 20 years’ experience in his field. In 2007, he founded Tjitze’s Energetic Cellular Healing School (TECHS), sharing healing skills with practitioners around the world. The author of Cancer, A Healer’s Perspective, he is based within the spiritual community of Findhorn, Scotland. 

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